Dead-end grip, 30T 巻付グリップ

Product information:

Dead-end grip, also called guy grip (巻付グリップ ), designed to attach the galvanized strand wire through thimble to steel loop as a part of concrete tower, as analog of strand clamps.
Key Features:
1. Galvanized steel guy grip made ASTM A475 steel
2. Dead-end grip do not require any tools for installation
3. Guy grips to be mounted on wire strand directly by hands
4. Ultimate strength characteristics.
5. Hot dip galvanization thickness guarantee long duration and life service.
6. Dead end guy wire grips can be customized according to your local standards of strand rope and mechanical loads
7. Excellent Environmental Stability
8. Competitive price
Application areas:
1. Electrical distribution network pole and tower installation
2. Telecommunication poles and tower installation

Technical specification:

Product codes

Strand rope diameter

Guy grip configuration

Length, mm


Color code

30T, JS-30

30 mm2 (6.9 mm)

2.5 * 5





Product analogs: Dead-end grip 30T, Guy grip NL-30, 巻付グリップ

Testing scope:

Strand wire dead-end grip 30T had passed the: ultimate tensile strength test, corrosion aging test.

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Feel free to inquire about this dead end guy wire grip price.

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