19′ Rack mount fiber optic distribution frame (ODF) 1U-24-SC

Product information:

19’’ rack mount fiber optic distribution frame 19 rack mount fiber optic distribution frame, 1U-24-SC, specified to be installed in 19 inch cabinets of optic fiber telecom networks, in CATV equipment rooms and network equipment room.

ODF 19 rack mount helps to connect optical cables, proceed, and appropriate cable management, which provide reliable protection and long life period of usage of FTTX networks.

ODF 1U-24-SC can accommodate up to 24 of fiber core connections base on regular SC/APC, LC/Duplex, SC/UPC types of patch cords and fiber optic adapters SC.

24 ports of fiber optic patch panels are available in Jera’s FO product range with pre-assembled adapters as well.


Technical specification:





Splice Tray


Material thickness




24 SC, LC

12 fibers

4, diameter12-17 mm

1.3 mm

3.4 kg


Fiber Optic Distribution Frame (ODF) For 19″ Rack Mount, 1U-12-SC are made steel, painted by special, which guarantee long period of indoor usage and cooling. Cabinet-mounted type of installation is done by 4 galvanized screws. ODF 1U-24-SC has 12 fiber tray for heat shrinkable tubes.

This 19 rack mount fiber optical Distribution Frames has no changeable adapters faceplate holder.

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Jera offers most completed product range of passive optical network accessories, for construction of network according to FTTX technology. Such accessories as: Optical drop cables, Fiber Optic Pigtail, Fiber Optic Adapter, Heat shrinkable splice protection sleeves, Fiber Optic Patch Cord,  fiber optic connectors, Fiber optic points, Fiber Optical Splice Closures, FTTH Drop clamps, Down lead clamps, stainless steel band and buckles, tension clamps, Drop cable clamps, pole brackets, Anchoring and Suspension clamps, cable slack storage

We offer most completed passive optical part of FTTX applications with high rate of modularity and scalability.

Jera offers to customers high quality and well price fiber optic distribution cable products. Feel free to inquire about this optical distribution frame price.


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