Export Shipping

JERA executes the policy of high quality and service.

Cared not only the quality of products but also conserved what condition of products will be after shipping and 3 rd hand transportation.

We will help you to save your expenses on transportation by offering most confident packing way and cargo dimensions plan during PO negotiations.

Even LCL cargo we deliver more carefully, than our competitors do, because our internal product packing system.

Usually we offer our clients the following packing ways:

1. Cartons plus polybags. This way of packing is applicable for heavy products such as stainless steel band, stainless steel buckles, Medium Voltage and High voltage accessories, hook bolts and pole brackets


2. Euro pallets or customized pallets. This way of packing is applicable for light products such as Low voltage ABC cable fittings, Insulated piercing connectors, Cable lugs and connectors, FTTH cable accessories, ADSS fittings, Fiber optic closures and terminal boxes, Fiber Optic Patch Cord.

We can produce customized pallets of different sizes according to your requirements

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3. Wooden boxes. Applicable for heaviest metal casted or forged fittings, Socket Eye, Clevis, Ball Eye, Guy Grips, Armor Rod etc.

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