Jera executes the mission of production of high quality products and service for confident fiber optic and electrical connections. This involves all our company spheres, but laboratory especially.

Most comprehensive and needed test equipment and measuring tools equip Jera’s laboratory in accordance to our production range.

With the help of Jera’s highly experienced engineers and quality staff, we ensure our customers with confident and reliable products and R&D services, which is related to various demands of customers.

The success of our products from technical side, is based on our know-hows, which born from experience of huge routine tests and sufficient product knowledge.

As product range of Jera has both electrical distribution cable accessories and fiber optic cable accessors, our test facilities were created in accordance to product’s needs. We are able to perform:

Electrical ageing test. At each electrical heating cycle, test system measures temperature of connectivity and its resistance. Automatically avoid human mistakes. Jera’s electrical aging test simulates the natural operation activity of electrical accessories and reliably evaluates quality of electrical fittings, and measure fluctuations after duration of usage. This test is one of most important for insulated piercing connector, non-insulated connectors, bimetal lugs, shear head cable connectors and cable terminals. Some medium and high voltage connectors and fittings for polymer insulators.

Electrical ageing test


Underwater electrical ageing test. Jera preform this kind of test to measure of reliability electric systems and connectivity under the water. Test simulates the weather condition of continuing rains and high humidity. Guarantee the high level of insulation of electrical connectors under the voltage, electrical loads. Simulates duration of use.

Underwater electrical ageing test (2) Underwater electrical ageing test


Electrical resistance test. Jera preform test of resistance to measure conductor’s stability and sustainability in lifetime of usage. Test measure falls of voltage on exact length of electrical network, case by applied low voltage accessories like piercing connector insulated. Guarantee top level of electrical connection without possibility of extreme temperature heating because of bad link of connectors during electrical loads. Suitable for different voltage tests.

Electrical resistance test

Climate aging test. Jera do climate-aging test to assure the quality of materials applied in produced items. Test simulates different weather condition during possible duration of usage. Preformed automatically, which avoid human mistakes.

Climate aging test (2)

Salty chamber test. We preform salty chamber aging test to assure the quality of metal materials, applied in produced items. Test simulates near sea weather condition and possible duration of usage. This test is one of most important for metal fittings, aluminum ABC brackets, and stainless steel band, tension ball wires, and shells of tension clamps, metal parts of fiber optic splice closures.

Salty chamber test

Mechanical test. Failure tension testing equipment ensure the ability to withhold mechanical loads of mechanical connectors and clamps for ABC system, High voltage cable fittings. Endurance test under mechanical and thermal stresses with oscillation stress. Applied for strain clamps, airdac clamps, suspension clamps, helical guy grips, stainless steel strap, drop wire clamps, FTTH fittings and fiber optic cable pole accessories.

Mechanical test (2) Mechanical test

Frost proof test. Jera preform the frost proof testing with the climatic ranges to minus 30’C.

Frost proof test

Insertion losses and return losses test. We do this testing to ensure quality of network connectivity. Applied optical cables with  G657A1, G652D or others cores, after usage with our cable accessories like strain clamps, suspension clamps, drop wire fittings, preformed line fittings, should not have any losses of signal or length of waves. Test is one of the most important for telecommunication products.

IMG_5838 Insertion losses and return losses test



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