Laboratory Testing Scope

Jera line executes the mission of production of high quality products and service for confident fiber optics products and electrical low, middle and high voltage cable fittings. This involves all our company facilities, but laboratory especially. Most comprehensive and needed test equipment and measuring tools equip Jera’s laboratory in accordance to our wide production product range.
With the help of Jera’s highly experienced engineers and quality staff, we ensure our customers with confident and reliable fiber optic cable, low voltage insulated connectors and R&D services, which is related to various demands of customers. The success of our products from technical side, is based on our know-hows, which born from experience of huge routine tests and sufficient product knowledge.
As product range of Jera has both electrical distribution cable accessories and fiber optic cable accessories, our test facilities were created in accordance to product’s needs.
We are able to execute following test for electrical distribution accessories and fiber optic cable products:
1. Dielectrical voltage test in water.

2. UV and temperature aging test 

3. Corrosion aging test

4. Ultimate tensile strength test

5. Shear head torque test

6. Mechanical Impact test

7. Low temperature assembly test

8. Electrical aging test

9. Galvanization thickness test

10. Material hardness test

11. Fire resistance test

12. Insertion and return losses test

13. Fiber optic core reflection test

14. Temperature and humidity cycling tests

Jera’s laboratory is capable to proceed wire range of tests, according to CENELEC, EN 50483-4:2009, DL/T 1190 – 2012, NFC 33-020 for electrical distribution accessories.

And according to IEC 61284 for overhead lines for the fiber optic cable, and accessories.
You will get the comprehensive product range with enthusiastically service, fastest delivery, competitive prices and best quality.
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