Fiber optic core reflection test

Fiber optic core reflection test

Fiber optic core reflection test is realized by Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR). Which works like RADAR, sending a high power laser light pulse down the fiber and looking for return signals from backscattered light in the fiber itself or reflected light from connector or splice interfaces.

Only a small amount of light is scattered back toward the OTDR, but with wider test pulses, sensitive receivers and signal averaging, it is possible to make measurements over relatively long distances. Since it is possible to calibrate the speed of the pulse as it passes down the fiber, the OTDR can measure time, calculate the pulse position in the fiber and correlate what it sees in backscattered light with an actual location in the fiber.

OTDRs can also detect problems in the cable caused during installation. If a fiber is broken, it will show up as the end of the fiber much shorter than the cable or a high loss splice at the wrong place. If excessive stress is placed on the cable due to kinking or too tight a bend radius, it will look like a splice at the wrong location.

Jera preforms test of Fiber optic FTTH drop cables on wavelengths (1310, 1550 and 1625 nm). We use OTDR YOKOGAWA AQ1200 in such routine quality tests, in order our clients can have products that conform requirements.

Our factory’s laboratory is capable to proceed wire range of related to standards type tests.

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