Galvanization thickness test

9. Galvanization thickness test

Steel manufactured products are galvanized to provide corrosion resistance. Measuring test of the thickness of galvanizing used to ensure the quality of zinc protection. If it has proper value to be resistant to environmental aging and service life.
Jera preforms test on
• High voltage overhead line hardware
• Polymer insulator ball fittings
• Low voltage OHL cable clamps
• Low voltage cable overhead brackets
Insulation piercing connectors (IPC)
• FTTH cable clamps
• Fiber optic cable brackets

Test is fully operated by electronic gauge.
Our test method based on CENELEC, EN 50483-4:2009, NFC 33-020, DL/T 1190 – 2012 for electrical distribution accessories.
We use following test criteria in our routine quality tests, in order our clients can have products that conform international requirements.
Our factory’s laboratory is capable to proceed wire range of related to standards type tests.
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