Mechanical Impact test

Mechanical impact test

Mechanical impact test (IMIT) used to ensure the ability of products to withhold drops during the installation.
Jera preforms test on
Insulation piercing connectors (IPC)
• Low, middle and high voltage shear head bolt lug.
• Fiber optic splice closures
• Fiber optic distribution boxes, sockets
• Fiber optic clamps
No damage should occur with would affect the correct performance of product under temperature ranging.
Product assemblies can be placed into cost chamber and tested for impact from the top and from side, by metallic place and anvil of different mass. Cylindrical weight falling freely through indicated distance and dash the tested products.
Our test method based on CENELEC, EN 50483-4:2009, NFC 33-020, DL/T 1190 – 2012 for electrical distribution accessories, and IEC 61284 for overhead fiber optic cable, and accessories.
We use following test criteria in our routine quality tests, in order our clients can have products that conform international requirements.
Our factory’s laboratory is capable to proceed wire range of related to standards type tests.
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