Shear head torque test

5. Shear head torque test

Shear head torque test or shear head function test used to ensure the ability of shear head nut or bolts to withhold required mechanical loads of products.
Jera preforms test on
Insulation piercing connectors (IPC)
• Low, middle and high voltage shear head bolt lug.
• OEM CNC related aluminum, brass and copper products
Critical is the tolerance torque range N*m of products, under temperature ranging.
Jera uses the original cable applied with tested product in order to measure how the torque value will reflect on electrical performance, and duration of usage.
Shear head function test under mechanical and thermal stresses has different values according to standards for electrical distribution accessories.
Our test method based on CENELEC, EN 50483-4:2009, DL/T 1190 – 2012, NFC 33-020, and we use followings standards test criteria in routine quality tests and in production, in order our clients can have products that conform such standards.
Our laboratory is capable to proceed wire range of related to standards internal, factory’s type tests.
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