Temperature and humidity cycling tests

Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber

Temperature and humidity cycling tests used to ensure the stability of product or material when it exposed under high temperature and humidity or low temperature and humidity environment. The test imitate the environmental impact on the product during after the application, for life time period. Temperature and humidity cycling test conducted by exposing a component to extreme temperature highs, gradually lowing to temperature lows, and back up to temperature highs again. This cycle can be repeated in the case of reliability testing and customer requirements, and its climatic zone in its country.

Jera line produces the products and test it during the new product launch, and selectively during the production stage. Such products like:

  • Insulation piercing connectors
  • ABS cable clamps
  • Fiber FTTH drop cable
  • FTTH cable clamps
  • Aerial Clamps, aerial Fixing supports


The common methods of test scope are mentioned in . IEC 60794-4-22, EN-50483:4, NFC-33-020, NFC-33-040 test standards.

Any component that needs transporting will be subjected to some degree of high and low temperature, whether in road, rail, ship transport or daily usage, all parts may be exposed to some sort of dry or humid high and low temperature. Especially for FTTH drop cables, different temperature and humidity may give affects to cable’s attenuation, this test simulates different weather conditions of high temperature and humidity or low temperature and humidity to examine the reliability of cables.

Test equipment was preformed automatically, which can avoid human mistakes to make sure the the authenticity and precision of the experiment. The test equipment can be set to a maximum temperature of +70℃ and a minimum temperature of -40℃, this temperature range covers most harsh environments in this world. In addition, we also can control the rate of temperature’s rise and fall. Before we sending products to our customers we need to make sure it can be applied in different conditions.

Our customers receive products which  meet Temperature and humidity cycling test requirements. Our internal laboratory is capable to proceed such a series of standard related type tests.

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