Production Facility

Jera line executes the mission of production and development of technology to the high level. This demand us continuously implementation of innovations in production know how. We use modern production technologies, cost efficient processing solutions and automatization.

As a factory, we have a comprehensive facility infrastructure to produce electrical cable distribution accessories and fiber optic cable components for construction of telecommunication networks and electricity distribution systems.
Jera factory has capacity of 2500 square meters, has dozens of unit of equipment that are permanently expanding.
Production facility count 10 workshops that possess correspond technologies:
1. Plastic molding workshop
2. Press forming workshop
3. Helical wire forming workshop
4. CNC machine center workshop
5. CNC lathes workshop
6. Aluminum and zinc die casting workshop
7. Metal processing workshop
8. Production tools workshop
9. Assembly workshop
10. Fiber optic cable workshop
Jera line team improves production facilities in order to be more competitive, and able to offer our customers reasonable offers with R&D.

By studying production technology and equipping our workshops, we getting able to make our customer be more satisfied in our business relationships.
Jera Company is operating according to ISO 9001:2015, this helps us to sell to over 20 countries and regions such as CIS, Europe, South America, Middle East, Africa, and Asia.
We care about environment, and Jera’s production processes meet the ecological requirements. We strive to support the intentions to achieve required environmental protection.
We hope to meet our customer needs with convenient design of products, fair price, prompt production, confident quality, flexible OEM, working 5S methods.

Each day we are improving our product range to achieve new challenges of global market.

Welcome to cooperate, our intention is committed to build reliable, long-term relationships.



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