Press forming workshop

Jera line possess the technology of press forming. We do R&D and develop products related to production by this technology.
In press forming workshop we produce following metal parts for:
- Fiber optic tension and suspension clamp
- FTTH drop cable clamp
- Stainless steel buckle
- Electrical cable anchor clamp
- Electrical cable suspension clamp
- Fiber optic FTTH box
- Fiber optic splice closure
- Fiber optic cable slack storage bracket
- Insulation piercing connector
- Others clips, thimbles, hangers
Raw materials are steel such as stainless steel SUS 201, SUS 304, Carbon steel, Aluminum, Copper, Brass etc. All the raw materials being inspected according to ISO 9001:2015, and our internal requirements.
Possessing this technology, Jera line is capable to develop new products or customize current product range in order to be more competitive, and able to offer our customers reasonable offers with R&D.
We improve production facilities and have the policy of cost efficient processing solutions and automatization.
Welcome to cooperate, our intention is committed to build reliable, long-term relationships.

2. Press forming workshop

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