Warehouse Facility

Warehousing of Raw materials, Semi-finished product, Packaging material and Finished products, devided by areas increas the factory performance.

The raw material warehouse is to put in different shelves according to their  priority.

The plastic raw materilas are intended for our plastc products, like drop clamps, fish clamps, ADSS anchor clamps, insulated piercing connectors, fiber optic boxes and so on, while the aluminum material is used for the metal part of our products.

raw material warehouse

The product accessories warehouse use the plastic create with name designation card to identify different accessories, so that responsible person can easily to prepare the materials to production.


The finished products warehouse have a high roof line for pallet racking and other storage and goods access or forklift carrying the goods in high shelves. With a high density.


Each area has the clear marking which list the items stored.

All the data also clearly recorded in the ERP system which is easily for workers to check.

The warehouse helps the manufacture process with more efficiency which provide confident services for our customers.

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