ACCC Side tie LJS-X

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ACCC Aluminum side ties, LJS-G were developed to secure the aluminum (ACC), or aluminum alloy (ACCC) conductors to side of groove of the porcelain insulator.

Helical formed insulator side tie, LJS-X are made of high strength corrosion resistant aluminum alloy wire, covered by sand layer and glue, can be used in any environments.

Side tie is used for bare aerial bundled conductors in MV and HV power transmission networks. They are intended for larger line angles than top groove style ties.

Additionally equipped with ribbon rube. That provide superior holding and electrical performance with best insulation characteristics of applied section.

Helical insulator side tie, usually installed on conductor, do not require any tools. Overhead aluminum side tie do not require and protective rods or side splices, it can be installed straight on the electrical conductor.

The configuration of preformed side tie is calculated in order to minimize the failure and withhold full rated strength. In addition, our company has researched plenty of varieties of aluminum side ties that is why we are able to match our wire formed ties to your aluminum conductor size.


Conductor diameter, mm

Thimble, may be applied on tension load

Wire configuration

Length, mm

Color code




Specified in accordance to cable working load














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If the demanded conductor size is missed in following chart, Jera preform line is capable to adjust ACCC side tie in accordance to your cable specification, insulator neck diameter and distances between poles.

Our entire spiral formed wire products have been tested and verified in order to satisfy the requirements of our customers.

Jera line focuses on the quality and complete range of steel formed guy grips, which includes: ADSS wire formed dead ends, Strand dead-end guy grips, suspension grips, side tie, twin side ties, insulator top ties, armor rods, full tension splices, thimbles, pole fittings (anchor shackles, ball eye), other formed wire accessories and motion control dampers.

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