ADSS Cable Suspension Clamp, D6

Product information:

Optical fiber ADSS cable suspension clamp D6 designed to suspension round or flat ADSS or drop FTTH cable in FTTX construction.

Drop cable suspension clamp D6 is very easy for installation.

Key Features:

1. ADSS cable clamp is handily adjusted.

2. FTTH suspension clamp D6 used with optical cable dia 2-6, 4-6, 6-8 mm.

3. Aerial drop wire clamp’s installation doesn’t require the additional tools.

4. The rubber inner teeth of FTTH accessory provide the excellent adherence with cable and insure the reliable fixation.

5. Plastic loop allows simple installation on a pole brackets and FTTH hooks.


Materials: UV resistant thermoplastic, PVC.

Analogs: 5/35C, DS2, DS4, DS6

Technical specification:

Product code Cable size, mm² MBL, kN Weight. kg
D6 4-8 0.3 0.090


Related to suspension clamp FTTH line accessories are available either separately or together as assembly, in Jera product range.

Jera’s FTTH plastic suspension clamps passed the tensile tests, operation experience with temperatures ranging from – 60 °C up to +60 °C test, temperature cycling test, aging test, corrosion resistance test etc.

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