ADSS micro cable clamp FISH-34

Product information:

ADSS mini cable clamp FISH-34 either called FTTH drop clamp, was designed to tension the ADSS micro fiber optic cable on overhead telecommunication lines. The Mini ADSS cable tension clamp FISH-34 is used with the fiber optic cable on the intermediate and last mile fiber optic cable routes route for the maximum distance up to 100 meters. Cable fish-34 is used in FTTH cable deployment.

Key Features:

1.Tool free installation
2.Self-adjusting rotation
3.Stainless steel bail
4.No cable jacket damages
5.Open bail for rapid installation
6.Anti-drop off design
7.Excellent Environmental stability
8.Extended body length for better attenuation of fiber cable

Technical specification:

Product code

Cable diameter, mm







Product analogs: FISH-1, ACC, Cable fish, FISH-2, Mini @, FTTX-DROP, FISH-U

Product Detail

The installation process of mini ADSS cable clamp FISH-34 is different to wedge type, or reel type clamps. The fiber optic cable is required to be coiled on the clamp. This prevents the cable from squeezing and damaging during the installation and using. Because cable is clamped by its own. The mini ADSS cable clamp has extended diameter to provide a wide application range for different type of fiber optic cables with core standards G652D, G657A1,A2, B3 and guarantee extra protection for the cable, during the attaching, and decrease the attenuation, by do not torching the fiber optic cable.

The tension clamp FISH-34 body is made of high strength, UV resistant thermoplastic. The manufacturing process is plastic injection technology, which is available at Jera line factory. Stainless steel wire bail provide excellent environmental protection and long life time duration.

Easy tools free installation will help you to save the costs of fiber optic cable deployment. The ADSS anchor clamp FISH is universal and appropriate for attaching either on open hook brackets or on closed ring pole fittings, by opening of stainless steel wire bail.

Drop cable clamp FISH-34 is available either separately or together as assembly with other cable brackets pole brackets or hooks and stainless steel band, which produce by Jera line. Welcome to contact our sales team to have more details about this FISH-34 micro ADSS clamp price.

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