Drop Wire Clamp ODWAC-22

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Drop wire clamp, also called flat cable clamp or ftth tension clamp can be used with telephone drop wire cable, and optical fiber cable in FTTH, FTTX, FTTB solutions. Jera’s drop wire clamps mostly used in telecommunication.

Drop wire clamp is equipped with perforated shim, which increase the tension load on drop wire.

The stainless steel wire bail allows installations of ODWAC aerial cable clamp on the buildings, poles, strand with drive hooks, pole brackets, SS hooks and other drop wire fittings and hardware. That can be supplied either separately or together as assembly with FTTH-CLAMP.

Drop wire anchoring clamps and drop wire mounting fittings are available in Jera’s product range. Fiber Optic Cable Clamps are easily to be pick up according to mechanical resistance and diameter of  FTTH Fiber Optic Cable.

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Al die gemeentes verby die trek toetse, werking ervaring met temperature wat wissel van - 60 ° C tot 60 ° C toets, temperatuur fietsry toets, veroudering toets, weerstand teen korrosie toets ens



Vir installasie sit 'n lugfoto drop kabel in die dop klem se. Plaas 'n deel van spanning klem op die top van optiese vesel of telefoon kabel met verhoogde reliëf, teen kabel. Voeg wig in die dop. Die installering van die borgtog draad op drop draad haak en fikseer in die dop.

Materiaal: vlekvrye staal of aluminium drop draad klem se liggaam en draad borgtog

Drop draad anker klampe kan op doodloopstraat, dubbel dood-eindig netwerk kabel roetes geïnstalleer.

Optiese vesel druppel kabel klampe ontwerp kan weerstaan ​​'n voldoende laai sonder kabel strokie en skade.

Vlekvrye staal materiale waarborg lang tyd van gebruik. Volle vlekvrye staal of plastiek shims is beskikbaar.

As FTTH clamp factory Jera is able to produce this ODWAC,telekommunikasie klem from metal and aluminum, upon the request from customer. We also have appropriate for ODWAC, FTTH pole accessories.

Drop clamps and optical fiber cable brackets are available either separately or together as assembly.



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