Optiese vesel Distribution Box 8 Cores FODB-8A

Produk inligting:

FTTH optiese vesel terminale boks FODB-8A is ontwikkel om te gebruik in FTTH oplossing van telekommunikasie te beëindig of te versprei die voerder kabel aan optiese vesel toue, pleister toue, pigtail toue volgens kapasiteit van vesel beëindiging boks. Om die laaste myl gebruikers aan te sluit. FODB-8A toegepas kan word in geboue, FTTH kaste, pale, mure.

Key features:

1. Very unique design of splice tray and accessories allows this telecommunication termination box be appropriate for PLC splitters, SC fiber adapters, and 12 splice protection sleeves. All mentioned optical network accessories could be fixed inside the FTTH box.

2. Stainless steel ties of fiber box allow fixating feeder cable of different size, without slippage.

3. Plastic hangers of telecommunication box allow fixating the feeding fibers by nylon ties.

4. Fiber optic box has three transit inputs, which is not require to cut or terminate the optical cable before installation.

5. FTTH termination box, FODB-8A has 12 ports that provides the installation from one to ten fiber optic drop cords.

6. FTTH distribution boxes are made of ABS, PVC, which guarantee wet, dust, proof and outdoor or indoor usage.

7. Wall-mounted type of installation is done by 4 galvanized screws of 18*4 size.

8. HTTB has 2 mounts for stainless steel band usage.

9. Optical termination boxes contain the fixation brackets for cable wire.

10. No ground device. Anti-vandal, equipped by lock and key.

Technical specification:

Product code




Toevoer / afvoer




8 + 2 SC

3, vervoer

In - 3 van maksimum uur 17 mm,

Uit - 8 van maksimum dia 3 mm en 1 Max dag 10 mm


Die dimensies vesel beëindiging boks is 210x195x55, wat is wyd genoeg vir 'n gepaste vesel buig radius. Lig en aangenaam in voorkoms, boks het krag meganiese beskerming en maklike onderhoud. Bied 'n maklike gebruikers toegang of data toegang gebaseer op FTTH.

Jera offers most completed product range of passive optical network accessories, for construction of FTTX solution. Such accessories as: Optic Pigtails, Splice protection sleeves, Fiber Adapter, Fiber Optic Cord, Fiber Optic Closure, FTTH Drop clamps, lead clamps, band and buckles, spanning klampe , ens

Analoë: GJS-X30, HTTB-X30, HTTB-x30B


The feeding optical fiber cable input in optical fiber box from the bottom. Feeder diameter should not exceed 17 mm. Then, branching drop wire or patch cords and pigtails cables connect with feeder cable by the SC fiber optical adaptors, or splice protection sleeves and managing from optical terminating box to the active or another Optical Network Unit.

Here you may find Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Fiber Optics to have more knowledge.

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