Aluminum Bolted Strain Clamp

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This overhead line fitting is used in the part of pole line hardware with AAAC, ACSS, ACSR, bare and covered types of transmission conductors.

Clamp tensions the conductor and withhold the required force of high voltage electrical aerial cable.

Also called as dead end strain clamp or high voltage cable clamp for dead-ending conductors.

A minimal breaking failing load (MBFL) should withhold to up 95% of the breaking load of the conductors. This carried by trouble proofed design, which reduces the risk of damage because of wind movement and vibrations, short circuit events, reduce electrical stress.

Bolted type strain clamps are made of:

  • high strength corrosion resistant aluminum alloys
  • hot dip galvanized casted iron

The cable clip is made of aluminum alloy, hardware – hot dip galvanized

Electric wire strain clamp passed temperature cycling test, corrosion resistance, and aging tests.


Type Conductor
MBL, kN Bolt
HD190 5.1-11.4 40 2
HD230 8.5-13.9 40 2
HD285 11.4-17.1 70 2
HD320 13-18.9 70 3

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