Anchor clamp, PA-1000.2

Product information:

Anchor clamp PA-1000.2 designed to anchor ADSS fiber optic cable or low voltage ABC cable with neutral messenger. Strain clamp designed to support the round cable on intermediate, during construction of overhead distribution line.
Key Features:
1. Overhead appliance for both Fiber optic cable and Low voltage ABC cables
2. Universal closed / open hook installation
3. Self-adjusting wedges, no tool required.
4. Anti-drop off design
5. No cable jacket damages
6. Excellent Environmental Stability
7. Indoor or outdoor cable rapid installation
8. Competitive price
9. Aluminum alloy cast body provides excellent mechanical strength.
10. Stainless steel bail wire guarantee a long-term durability
Application areas:
1. Fiber to the home (FTTH)
2. Passive optical networks(PON)
3. Low voltage ABC lines.

Technical specification:

Product code

Electrical cable, mm2

Fiber optic cable, mm








Product analogs: PA-1000, PA-3000

Jera is a confident cable clamp factory. We have the whole kit of accessories for overhead installation need.

Anchor clamps and cable brackets are available either separately or together as assembly.

Feel free to inquire about this anchor clamp price.

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