Ball Eye, CP

Product information:

Ball eye as power fitting fixate the suspension clamp or aerial tension clamp to insulated strings or to tower when AAAC, ACSS, ACSR conductors being installed.

Ball eye locking device used with socket eye or socket clevis  and couples the string insulator and tension or suspend the electric power transmission line.


Key features:

1. This pole line hardware structure is used with socket clevis, socket eye, U-bolt, link single plate, link fitting, anchor shackle.

2. All the assembly of link fitting passed temperature cycling and aging tests, corrosion resistance test, tension test.

3. Ball eye is made of hot dip galvanized forged iron.


Technical specification:

Product code MBL, kN Weight, kg
CPC-7-16 70 0.320
CP-7-16 70 0.300
CP-12-16 120 0.410


is able to produce according to customers’ drawings and special requirements.

Product Detail

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