Bare Cable Suspension Clamp, PSB-16-95

Product information:

This clamp is designed for the suspension of LV-ABC lines with bare neutral messenger to towers poles or walls, in straight lines and angles up to 90°.


Key features:

1. Suspension clamp assists linesmen by hanging the neutral messenger in open position.

2. PS-B-16/95 allows installation on the cable by fastening hex bolt.

3. Low Voltage ABC suspension clamp PS-B-16/95 has high mechanical strength.

4. Allows easy installations with the LV ABC hooks, pigtails, LV brackets.

5. PS-B-16/95 clamp and attachments are available either separately or together as assembly.

6. Materials: high mechanical and climatic resistant aluminum part, corrosion resistant hardware.


Technical specification:

Product code Cable size, mm2 MBL, kN
PS-B-16/95 16 – 95 15

Product Analogs: SM94, F-MB/600L, PS 95 N

All related to Low voltage cable products: tension clamps. brackets, steel strap are produced by Jera line.

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