Strain clamp PA-1500.1

Product information:

Anchoring clamp PA-1500.1 is self-adjusting, designed to anchor LV-ABC lines with insulated neutral messenger. Also this product is suitable for LV-ABC lines with bare neutral messenger, wedges can be coated with carborundum  to increase the coupling.

The clamp consists of die casted aluminum alloy body and self-adjusting plastic wedges which clamp the neutral messenger. Clamp body made of corrosion resistant die casted aluminium alloy, bail of stainless steel, wedges of weather and UV resistant reinforced plastic. The stainless steel bail allows installations of clamps on a bracket. LV ABC tension clamps and LV ABC brackets are available either separately or together as assembly.


Materials:  Corrosion resistant die casted aluminum alloy, stainless steel bail, fiberglass reinforced plastic.

Analogs: DR-1600, РА 54-1500С, PA-1500*20

Type MBL, kN Cable size, mm Weight, kg
PA-1500.1 15 11 – 14 0.382


Product Detail

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