Tension Clamp PA-1000-8-14

Product information:

Tension clamp PA-1000, also called  anchor clamp was designed to anchor LV ABC insulated cable or ADSS fiber optic cable. The tension clamp has self-adjustable wedges, provides tool free installaion.

Key Features:

1.Extended product application size
2.Aluminum alloy body guarantee for long time usage
3.Self adjusting wedge for toll free installation
4.Open wire bail for universal attachments open hook or closed hook

Application areas: 

Overhead cable lines, insulated cables.

Technical specification:

Product code

Cable size mm

Cable range mm2








Analogs: PA-1000, PA-1500, JBG-1, PA-1700

Product Detail

The PA-1000 clamp body is made of corrosion resistant aluminum alloy and stainless steel bail, which have superior mechanical strength. Self-adjusting wedge is made of UV resistant plastic to guarantee the product duration.

The tension clamp PA-1000 had passed the test of mechanical strength, temperature and humidity cycling test with ranging from -40℃ up to +70℃, corrosion resistance tests.

Compared to analogs Jera’s PA-1000 clamp is made of 1st grade plastic materials, to insure its durability under hard environmental conditions.

The PA-1000 may be supplied with related product for overhead tension cable purpose, such as tension clamps, suspension clamps, stainless steel band and buckles, hook bolts, etc. We produce overhead cable related products for purposes of low and medium voltage connection, and fiber optic cable deployment.

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