Fiber sforza cement òttica

Fiber sforza cement otticu (FOSC) foru sviluppati à aduprà u ciclu cintrali e noms de cycle cavu chilometru durante custruzzione di a reta òttica stintu. Utiles a signu di la so nudelli fibre da asiatica splicer è lisciu corre azzaru Ghjulia u caldu. Cumunimenti si rifiriscinu lunette, nant'à i poli, o in impianti, ducts e cullezzione industriale.
FOSC provides more reliable protection and long life period of usage compared to fiber optic termination boxes for the central loop feeding cable, to connect it with smaller capacity cables in FTTx technology of internet construction. This implemented by heat shrink joints protection and air exhaust.
Our FOSC are made of weather and UV resistant first grade plastic material.
Fiber optic splice closures installed by bolts or one or two stainless steel bands with appropriate type of buckle. All the related products as well as tools you may find in our product range.
FOSC meet the meet the criteria of key regional standards RoHS, CE.

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