Coated tie CO120 (120-150)

Product information:

Helical tie CO120 is the kind of twin preformed tie that was developed to for tying the conductors to the insulators’ neck.

CO120 preformed tie is made of galvanized steel, fully covered by polymer jacket, can be called as jacketed conductor tie.

Coated side tie CO120 was developed to be used with covered conductor in overhead aerial MV and HV electrical distribution lines, they are suitable for use on any plastic covered conductor. Polymer covered tie CO120 is usually applied in pairs, and installed in opposite to each other. Can be installed as both top and side on insulator as coated side tie or coated top tie. Helical tie BC-120/150 are very easy to install on post type porcelain insulator, with long life period of preformed line tie, hand guidance without any tool.

Size of covered conductor to install with is easy to be recognized by the color code of side ties formed.



Conductor size, mm2


Length of tie, mm

Radius, mm

Mark color


120 – 150






Analogs: CO35, CO70, CO120, SO115.5085, SO115.9573, SO115.150

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Preformed ties have passed the tension, humidity and salt tests, operation experience with temperatures ranging from –50 °C up to +70 °C test, temperature cycling test. On vertically installed insulators, side ties can accommodate angles of line up to 40º.

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