Console 32

Product information:

Console 32, other called console CT8, was designed to use on overhead telecommunication lines, for attaching fiber optic cable fittings. The universal console for wooden or concrete poles can anchor or suspension fiber optic cable accessories with maximum capacity of 8 strain connections and suspension of 4 lines.

Telecommunication bracket is made of hot dip galvanized steel. Design of Fiber optic cable bracket is unique and allows covering almost all the possible configurations for pole attaching of fiber clamp and fittings.

Technical specification:


Product code



Weight, kg



8, 14, 16


Product Detail

Stainless steel band and buckles or pole hooks are appropriate for installation of console.

Jera has researched the production of fiber optic clamps (for ADSS cables, FTTH cables), which are available to order, together with other pole brackets and stainless steel band accessories.

Our customers proved quality of this bracket-console.

The whole cable hardware have passed the tension test, corrosion resistance test.

Fiber optic accessory range is constantly expanding, as we are focus on the completed solutions for our customers.

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