LV ABC Cable Anchor Bracket CA-1500

Produkta informo:

Low voltage ABC anchor bracket made of aluminum alloy, developed to be used on wooden, metal or concrete poles. Mostly installed in LV-ABC line with anchor clamps for main cables by 2 stainless steel band (20 mm) or 1 bolts 14, 16 mm diameter.

Malalta tensio ABC linio efektivigas per du streĉiĝo krampo PA 1500.

The assembly have passed the voltage tests, tension test.

All the brackets meets the criteria of NF C 33042 and EN 50-483

Technical specification:

Tipo  MBL, kN  Pezo, kg        materialo
CA-1500 15 0,175 aluminia alojo

Analogaj: CA 1500, CS 1500, CS 1500 F, CS 10, CS10.3

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