Factory directly provided Screw Pin Type Anchor Shackle for Paris Factory

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Bolt type anchor shackle commonly used as tower line hardware. The bolt type anchor shackle is a part of pole line hardware which connect the overhead transmission line when OPGW (optical ground wires), ADSS (all-dielectric self-supporting), include the preformed dead end grips (helical guy grips); AAAC, ACSS, ACSR transmission conductors being installed.

Also as high voltage accessory called straight shackle. They were developed to mount hardware to the tower, back to back shackles are used to fixate the pole plate and insulator. In the pole hardware structure used with U-bolt, link single plate, ball eye, socket eye.

All the assembly of pole hardware passed temperature cycling and aging tests, corrosion resistance test, tension test.

Anchor shackle are made of hot dip galvanized forged iron; stainless steel.

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