Fiber Optic Cable Suspension Bracket, YKP-02

Product information:

Suspension bracket YKP-02 used as a part of suspension assembly of  fiber optic cable, or helical guy grips.

Considered as telecommunication bracket. Overhead, outdoor cable line usage. Applied in construction of telecommunication networks.


Key features:

1. Simple design.

2. Installed on round poles by 2 piece of stainless steel band.

3. Guarantee long time of usage and allows withstand a sufficient loads.

4. Suitable for all suspension clamps that we offer.

5. Applied for suspension of fiber optic cables as ADSS bracket, or helical suspension guy grips


Technical specification: 

Product code MBL, kN Weight, kg
YKP-02 4 0.6


Jera line offers this fiber optic accessory with appropriate fiber optic cable clamps.

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