Fiber Optic Cable Bracket, YKN

Product information:

Fiber Optic Cable Bracket YKN-01, also called ADSS tension bracket applied with tension fiber optic clamp, or dead-end guy grip,  for anchoring of ADSS  fiber optic cables of different diameters and loads to wooden, metal, concrete, poles.


Key features:

1.  YKN-01 optical fiber tension bracket is applied in FTTH, Gpon construction.

2. Install by 2 stainless steel straps (20 mm) with appropriate steel buckles.

3. Galvanized materials guarantee long time of usage.

4. Withstand a sufficient load without anchor clamp slip or break.

5. All the fiber optic cable assemblies passed the tensile tests, operation experience with temperatures ranging from – 50 °C up to +70 °C test, corrosion aging test.


Technical specification:


 Product code  MBL, kN  Weight, kg
YKN 15 0.480


Jera produces optical fiber brackets with appropriate pole and fiber optical cable accessories.

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