Fiber Optic Cable Suspension Bracket, YKP

Product information:


Suspension bracket YKP-01 used as a part of suspension assembly of  fiber optic cable, or helical guy grips.

Considered as telecommunication bracket. Fiber Optic Cable Support used overhead, outdoor cable line usage. Applied in construction of telecommunication networks.


Key features:

1. Simple design.

2. Installed on round poles by 2 piece of stainless steel band.

3. Guarantee long time of usage and allows withstand a sufficient loads.

4. Suitable for all suspension clamps that we offer.

5. Applied for suspension of fiber optic cables as ADSS bracket, or helical suspension guy grips


Technical specification: 

Product code MBL, kN Weight, kg
YKP-01 0.4 0.376


Jera line offers this fiber optic accessory with appropriate fiber optic cable clamps.

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