Fiber Optic Splice Closure FOSC-9 (4)

Product information:

Fiber optical splice closure FOSC-9 (4), other called HTSC-F02 is horizontal type closure, designed to splice and branch fiber optical cables on underground, aerial, wall-mounting and duct-mounting routes.

FOSC has 2 round inputs, maximum capacity is 4 fibers. Usually installed in last mile connection routes. Can be reopened and reusable for FTTH.

Fiber optic closure has no additional splice tray, fibers can be stored inside.

The sealing is realized with using of wound sealing tape of the input hole, to increase fiber optical cable diameter to the size of the hole.

FTTH closure is made of UV resistant thermoplastic, which guarantee long period of usage. No splice tray required, light and pleasing in appearance has strength mechanical protection with good sealing performance.

Fiber optical splice closure FOSC-9 can not be equipped by air valve and ground device.

Technical specification:

Product code

Fiber’s capacity

Inputs and cable diameters

Dimensions, mm


FOSC-9 (4)


2 × Ø5-8 mm


Last mile connections



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Unscrew 4 bolts and open the closure. The optical fiber cable or patch cords can be inputed in FOCS from two holes. Determine the length of fiber cable, to be stripped and fixed inside the FOSC. After stripping and fusion, seal the cable inputs with sealing tape. Screw 4 bolts.

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