Fiber optic splitter closure, FODB-8C1

Product information:

Fiber optic splitter closure FODB-8C1 other named as Outdoor FTTH splitter box was designed to terminate feeding optical cable and connect last mile drop cables as fiber optical cords according to capacity of distribution box. FTTH splitter box is applied outdoor, on poles or walls. FODB-8C1 fiber optic FTTH splice box is equipped with mini cassette splitter 1*8 PLC SC/APC, which distribute optical fibers. Splitter capacity of 8 fibers and 4 are available, as well to APC and UPC polishing, depend on project requirements.

Key Features:

1.Applied at last mile cable’s terminations.
2.IP 67 gel sealed insolation, for outdoor installations
3.UV resistant thermoplastic, wet and dust proof for long time usage.
4.2 cable inputs and 8 outputs ports.
5.Quick and easy access for further drop cable connections.
6.Stainless steel straps or screw bolt installation.
7.Screw lock design and superior environmental protection.
8.Competitive price.

Application areas:

Aerial and Duct FTTH fiber optic cable deployment, with lack of size.

Technical specification:

Product code

Fiber’s tray

Inputs & cable diameter, mm

Outputs & cable diameter, mm

Dimensions, mm




2 × Ø5-12

8 × 2.0*3.0 or

8 × Ø*3.0


2 x 1*4 or

1 x 1*8





Analogs: FODB-8A-B2, FODB-8A-C, FODB-8A

Product Detail

FODB-8C1 fiber optic distribution box has compact design compact, all the materials have high strength mechanical protection and easy maintenance, providing an easy data access for customers in FTTH network constructions. The fiber box is equipped with cable installation accessories, nylon ties for fixation of feeding cable, and output cable. The box is equipped with central bolt, which prevents it from opening. During the installation empty cable slots are easily blocked by extra plastic accessories, which allow the gel sealing termination box has the IP-67 protection.

Jera line produces fiber optical cable products for FTTH constructions and trying to provide the complete kit of accessories to our customers, such as fiber optic cable (mini and micro ADSS, FTTH drop cables), fiber optic cable clamps (ADSS, Figure 8, FTTH cables), cable bracket, fiber optic termination boxes and strand wire grips etc.

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