Fiber optic terminal box FODB-8A.1-2/3

Product information:

Fiber optical terminal box FODB-8A.1 also called Fiber Access Termination Box, was designed to terminate and distribute the feeder fiber optical cable to fiber optical cords, patch cords, pigtail cords according to capacity of distribution box in telecommunications. FODB-8A.1 can be applied in buildings, FTTX closets, poles, walls according to application demands.

Application areas:

Outdoor last mile aerial FTTH fiber optic cable deployments

Technical specification:

Product code

Dimensions  (mm)

Input / output cable


Adapter application

Splitter Cassette



In-3 of max diameter 17mm,Out-8 of max diameter 3mm

3 or 2


1*8 fiber cassette splitter SC/APC, SC/UPC




Analogs: FODB-8A-B2, FODB-8A-C, FODB-8A


Key Features:
1. Appropriate for SC/UPC or SC/APC adapters, as well to PLC cassette splitters
2. Universal application for end user, now need to buy extra product codes.
3. FTTH termination of made of ABS, PVC and PC, wet and dust proof for long time usage
4. Plastic hangers of distribution box allow fixating the feeding fiber by nylon ties
5. Easy installation-Can be mounted with screws on wall and stainless steel band on pole
6. No ground device, anti-vandal, equipped by lock and key
7. Competitive price

Product Detail

Jera offer the most convenient and efficient boxes to our customers. The unique design of splice tray and accessories allow this fiber optic distribution box be able to use with now universal configuration of splicing in market, just like SC/UPC or SC/APC adapters, 1*8 or 1*4 PLC cassette splitters, 1*8 or 1*4 Mini cassette splitters and 1*4 or 1*4 Mini module block less PLC splitters.

This box contain three feeder input and stainless steel ties of fiber box allow fixating feeder cable in different size without slippage. The input of termination box for 8 cores was designed by a bolt configuration, provides a mechanical sealing of feeding cable.

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