Fiber Tube Protection Box, PC-1-1

Product information:

Fiber tube protection FTTH cable box PC-1-1 was developed to use in FTTx, and FTTH projects.

Fiber tube protection box PC-1-1 can hold two of drop cables.

Splice capacity is 1 fiber, where fiber is stored in 1 layer. The sealing is realized with heat shrink tubes. Fiber protection box was designed for either Flat Drop Cable or Round Drop Cable. Once applied, the Shrinkable Splice connection will have a better mechanical protection.

Fiber Drop Splice Closure can be installed indoor, provide reliable connection and protection

Fiber protection boxes are made of RoHS, CE approved indoor thermoplastic.

Technical specification:

Product code

Fiber’s capacity

Inputs and cable diameters

Dimensions, mm




2 × Ø3-2 mm,

2 × 3.0×2.0 mm



Product Detail

Product Tags

All associated to FTTH fiber optic cable line construction products are available our catalog. Such as FTTH cable, fiber optic drop cable clamp, etc.

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