FTTH Drop Cable, 1 Fiber

Product information:

Following 1 core FTTH cable other called micro ADSS FTTH cable applied outdoor, on last mile installation route to connect the final users to telecommunication network using GPON and FTTH fiber optic to home technologies.

Fiber optic drop cable consist of one fiber core, reinforced and protected by PBT loose tube and aramid yarns which are located at the whole diameter of cable, fiber cores placed inside tube all the structure filled by jelly and jacketed by LSZH or TPU sheath. Fiber core of 1 fiber mini ADSS drop cable can be made of G652D, or G657 A1, A2, B3 grade of fiber.

Round FTTH drop cable applied when small size and high mechanical strengths are required on middle spans of network construction routes.

Round drop cables meet the criteria of key regional standards RoHS, CE.

We had launched production of round optical drop cables or FTTH round cables, and aimed on continuously developing this area, in order to satisfy our customer needs by offering most completed and cost efficient solution for FTTH network construction.

All related to aerial FTTH drop cable products such as FTTH cable clamps (plastic cable clamps), optical termination boxes etc. are available in Jera’s product range, as well as other type of cable drop.

Jera offers to customers high quality and competitive price round fiber optic cable products. Feel free to inquire about this fiber optic cable price.

Product Detail

Technical specification:


Technology parameters


Outdoor, Indoor

Product code


Diameter of loose tube (±0.06)mm


Thickness of loose tube (±0.03)mm


Fiber color


Fiber type

SM, 9/125 (G.652.D, G.657A1, G.657A2, G657B3).

Sheath color

Black (white color upon request)

Sheath material


Cable dimension, mm


Strength member

Aramid Yarns

Cable weight, Kg/km

Approx. 8.0

Min. bending radius mm

10 (Static)

20 (Dynamic)

Attenuation, dB/km

≤ 0.4 at 1310nm, ≤0.3 at 1550nm

Short term tensile, N


Crush resistance, N/100mm


Operation temperature, C°




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