FTTH Cable Clip DC-35

Product information:

Fiber optic cable clip is designed for suspension drop wire cable or FTTH optic cables.

Mainly optical cable clips are used in attachments for securing fiber cable to surface, and other types of fiber optic cable management, which are demanded by drop cable installation in outdoor or indoor FTTH solutions. Cable clips mainly used for Telecommunications subscriber loop, Fiber to the home (FTTH), LAN/WAN, CATV solutions.


FTTH Clip contains metal cross screw for wood or concrete installation

The installation of FTTH cable clip is very easy, all you need is to secure Cable Clip Screw Buckle on the appropriate drop wire cable, then lock the cable clip, and screw it to the surface, measuring the needed distance between clips. Size 25*20*14mm of cable clip gives the ability to lock it onto the fiber optic cable wherever needed prior or after mounting and splicing the cable. Requires no preparation of fiber cable before attaching, helps to secure FTTH cable as tightly as possible.

Drop wire cable can be applied with fiber reinforced Plastics (FRP) messenger or metal messenger or w/o it, sizes 2-5 mm.

Anchor FTTH optical fiber clamps, FTTH drop cable accessories and drop cable suspension mounts are available either separately or together as assembly.

Drop cabling with aerial supports passed tests, operation experience with temperatures ranging from – 60 °C up to +60 °C test, temperature cycling test, aging test, corrosion resistance test etc.


Fiber optic drop cable clips are made of ABS plastic with flame retardant adding.

Product Detail

Materials: UV resistant thermoplastic

Analogs: YH-1050, B021111


Jera line is a confident supplier for optical cable accessories and hooks.

The cable installation set for FTTH construction includes: junction fiber optic box, draw hooks, fiber wall socket (single-family rosette, ODP) cable clamps, cable glands, cable clips, nail clips, cable wall bushings, tail duct, cable wiring duct. We have the whole kit of accessories for this need.

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