FTTH Drop Cable Clamp Fish

Product information:

Optical fiber drop wire clamp FISH, designed to anchor or support round drop cable. FTTH-CLAMP, fish clamp is hand self-adjusted, easy installation.

Key features:

1. Cable Fish as wheel type drop wire clamp mostly used with optical fiber drop cable.

2. This drop clamping device is necessary for FTTx solutions.

3. Fish clamp FTTH, can be used in anchoring, turning, suspension optical fiber cable routes.

4. Galvanized steel wire bail allows installations of drop wire fish clamp on a pole brackets, SS hooks.

5. This type of FTTH drop cable clamp allows easy, installation without additional tools.

6. Application is similar to all wedge type self-adjusting tension clamps, but should be done according to specification.

Technical specification:


Product code
 Cable size, mm 
 MBL, kN  Weight, kg
 Fish clamp-01 Ø 3.0~3.53.0*2.0 0.50 0.026


Product Detail

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