FTTH Drop Clamp, S-Type/ P-clamp

Product information:

Dead-End FTTH optical fiber clamp designed to anchor steel wire dia up to 3 mm of FRP messenger of drop cable in aerial outdoor FTTH construction.

Fiber optic drop cable S-type clamp other called Drop Wire P Clamp,  can be used on dead-end fiber network routes.

Aerial Drop Hardware  is not so easy in installation, and requires some preparation of optical cable before it.

This type of FTTH cabling accessory has the principle of a round route for fixing the messenger, this helps to secure it as tightly as possible.

Stainless steel wire bail allows installations of FTTH drop wire clamp on FTTH bracket, SS hooks.

FTTH cable tension clamps and drop wire cable brackets are available either separately or together as assembly.

Technical specification

Product code

 Cable size, mm

 MBL, kN


2.0-3.0 or 2.0-5.0




FTTH Drop cable tension clamps passed the tensile tests, operation experience with temperatures ranging from – 60 °C up to +60 °C test, temperature cycling test, aging test, corrosion resistance test etc.

Jera is a confident supplier for accessories for FTTH Construction and has the whole kit of accessories for this need.

Materials: UV resistant thermoplastic, stainless steel hook.

Analogs: FOC FISH-CLAMP, FISH FTTH, S Type Fasteners

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