FTTH Fiber Drop Clamp ODWAC-HY

Product information:

FTTH clamp ODWAC-HY designed for suspension of flat fiber optic cable 4*8 mm size. Fiber optic cable clamp applies outdoor, on fiber optic cable spans, which do not exceed 70 meters of house installation with aerial fiber optic cable, FTTH fiber optic cables.

FTTH clamp ODWAC-HY is equipped with perforated shim, which increase the tension load on fiber optic drop. The body made of stainless steel, which increase the durability of usage of product.

ODWAC-HY clamp has the plastic wire bail, which allow installation on closed hook brackets, and other drop wire clamps and hardware. All the needed accessories for FTTX cable installation are available on Jera FTTX product range. FTTH fiber optic to home cable accessories are available either separately or together as assembly with FTTH-CLAMP


Technical specification: 


Cable size, mm





  • Materials: UV resistant thermoplastic, stainless steel.
  • Analogs: HYPOCLAMP

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Telecommunication clamp ODWAC-HY have been tested and verified in order to satisfy the requirements of our customers.

We focus on the quality and complete range of fiber cable clamps, which includes: FTTH drop cable, FTTX tension clamp, cross-arms, tension and suspension brackets, fiber termination box, fiber optic splice closures, and other fiber optic cable accessories.

Jera offers to customers high quality and good price fiber optic cable clamps. Feel free to inquire about this fiber optic cable clamp price.

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