FTTH hook, YK-05

Product information:

FTTH hook YK-05 other called drop wire hook designed to tension FTTH clamps with suitable fiber drop cable in outdoor FTTx deployments.

Key Features:
1. Universal with pole/ wall application
2. Stainless steel tie installation
3. Screw bolt installation
4. Open hook design allows installation
5. FTTH clamp anti-drop of design of hook
6. Excellent environmental protection
7. Competitive price
Application areas:
1. Aerial FTTH fiber optic cable deployments

Technical specification:


Product code




Galvanized steel,

Stainless steel



Product analogs: FTTH hook YK-05, C-Type Hook, FTTH Bracket, DW-1049


Jera line is a factory which produce FTTH clamps and FTTH cable for FTTH cable deployment.

Fiber optic cable and clamps are available either separately or together as assembly.

Feel free to inquire about this FTTH hook price.

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