Low Voltage Fuse Holder, CCFBD 16-16

Product information:

Fuse holder CCFBD used to prevent the circuit break on LV insulated overhead lines. The fuse holders can be installed on service line and allows disconnection.


Key features:
1. Applied on LV ABC lines up to 1 KV.
2. Connection and disconnection happened under current load up to 63A.
3. Fuse cartridges from 2 to 63A, size 22*58 mm.
4. Fuse holder is made of aluminum, which filled with lubricate.
5. Insulation body of connector is made of weather and UV resistant plastic,
6. Cable contact is realized by confident compression.
7. Waterproofed construction of product.
8. Conforms to EN50483-4, NFC33020, NFC63210


Technical specification:

Product code

Cable Size


Plastic Sleeve Diameter(mm)








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