Insulated cable lug, ICL-16-95

Product information:

Insulated cable lug ICL-16-95 other called pre insulated cable lug designed to attach low voltage power cable to electrical devices up to 1 KV. Cable jointing process does not require the specialized compression tool. All the needed tension torque achieved using simple hex key, which tighten the bolt. The shear bolt of cable termination has indicated shear torque, and shears off when needed torque reached.

Technical specification:


Product code

Cable application size, mm2

Number of bolts

Palm hole dimeter, mm






Key Features:
1.Suitable for aluminum and copper cables
2.LCL are made of aluminum tinned covered, filled by lubricate.
3.Quick and easy installation compared to CPTAU.
4.Waterproof design
5.Shearhead bolt torque, provide excellent strength
6.Tool free installation
7.Marked by color cap according to phase of electrical cable
8.Plastic shim locking system
9.Electrical resistant ribbon materials prevent the connection from short-circuits.
10.Competitive price
11.One model of ICL-16-95 replace 6 models of compressed bimetal cable lugs, CPTAU.


Kit content:
1.Insulated cable lug ICL 16-95
2.Four marking caps, black, yellow, green, red
Application areas:
1.Outdoor/ Indoor electrical network connections up to 1 KV

Jera line produces electrical cable connectors and cable lugs.

ICL cable lugs do not require the heating lamp, or shrink tube to insulate the connection

Insulation piercing connectors and other cable accessories are available either separately or together as assembly.

Feel free to inquire about this insulated cable lug price.

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