Insulated Piercing Connector, ZOP-52 (1.5-16/16-150)

Product information:

Insulation piercing connector is used with low voltage ABC cables with insulated aluminum conductors up to 6 KV.

The following IPC has wider range of appliance than other Jera’s IPC.

This connector is very durable and easy for installation in aerial bundled lines, street lightning and buildings. Does not require silicone lubricant, waterproofed.

Suitable for main or branch conductors with aluminum or copper wires, which are applied in overhead installation, during low voltage subscriber connective.


Technical spefication:


Product code

Main line, mm2

Branch line, mm2

Tightening, N*m

Weight, kg



1.5– 16




Product Detail

Installation of this low voltage connector is very easy because of bottom side wedge, which is suitable for fixation by wrench.

Low voltage insulated piercing connectors  had passed tests according to EN 50483, operation experience with temperatures ranging from – 60 °C up to +60 °C test, temperature cycling test, aging test, corrosion resistance test etc.

IPC are made of UV resistant thermoplastic, has tin covered teeth, and stainless steel hardware

Our customers had proved high quality of this LV ABC fitting.


Other piercing connectors and low voltage cable fittings are available either separately or together as assembly.

Jera is a confident supplier for low voltage line accessories. The cable installation set for LV ABC construction includes: insulated piercing connector, tension clamp, tension bracket, pole hook, suspension clamp, suspension bracket, service or airdac clamp, wall mounts, cable lugs and connectors, stainless steel band, stainless steel buckles, and ABC tools.

We have the whole kit of cable accessories for this need.

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