Insulation Piercing Connector, ZOP-300 (4-35/95-300)

Product information:

Insulation piercing connector TCS300435. 

Insulation piercing connector ZOP-300, also called IPC, designed to branch the insulated service electrical cable from main electrical cable, without cutting the jacket of power cables. The insulation piercing connector pierces the cable’s insulation and provide reliable electrical contact with the help of teeth.

Key Features:
1. Unique application of sizes of power cables
2. Appliance with power cable lines up to 1500Vac (1500 V)
3. Special teeth materials, for copper – aluminum or aluminum – aluminum conductors
4. Application with fire redundant cables with insulation thickness up to 4 mm.
5. Shear head torque aluminum nut provides confident and stable torque.
6. Waterproofed, IP 68
7. Anti-drop off design of parts
8. Easy installation, by hex supporting at lower side of IPC
9. Stainless steel, UV resistant polymer materials guarantee a long-term durability
10. Excellent Environmental Stability
11. Application temperature – 30 °C up to +50 °C
12. Competitive price
Application areas:
1. Solar power plants.
2. AC and DC photovoltaic networks.
3. Electrical distribution networks
4. Power cable joints and distribution boxes


Technical specification:

Product code

Main cable, mm2

Branch cable, mm2

Torque, N*m

Amperage, A

Short-cut supported current, kA





55 – 4 mm2

218 – 35 mm2

0.5 – 4 mm2

4.4 – 35 mm2




Product analogs: SX-240NC, TCS300635, TCS300435 

Testing scope:

Solar Photovoltaic Connector ZOP-300 had passed the EN 50483:2009 standard tests such as: dielectrical voltage underwater test, UV temperature aging test, electrical aging test, and corrosion aging test.

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Feel free to inquire about this insulation piercing connector price.

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