Insulation Piercing Connector, ZOP-54 (6-50/16-150)

Product information:

Low voltage ABC cable insulation piercing connector ZOP-54, installed with LV ABC conductors with insulated neutral messenger wire and  self-supporting cable system with insulated aluminum  main and insulated branch conductors up to 1000 Vac (1000 V).

Key features:

1. This type of Insulation piercing clamp is very durable and easy for installation.

2. Area of usage is very wide, mostly in aerial bundled conductors lines, street lightning and buildings.

3. No silicone lubricant needed

4. Big range of sizes of conductor applied.

5. Material of conductors: aluminum or copper

6. Easy installation, by hex supporting at lower side of IPC

7. Made of UV resistant polymer, stainless steel hardware, aluminum shear-head nut.

All the assemblies passed the tensile tests, dielectrical voltage test in water, temperature cycling test, aging test, corrosion resistance test etc.

Technical specification:

Product code Main line, mm2 Branch line, mm2 Torque, N*m Weight, kg
ZOP-54 16 – 150 6 – 50 14 0.130

Analogs:  NTD 151 AF, RDP 25/CN, N619

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