wedge មានការគៀប deadend

High voltage cable wedge deadend clamps use to anchor for dead-ending electrical cable insulated conductors
Key features:

1. Tension clamps withhold the required force of high voltage electrical aerial cable.

2. Equipped with the insulation piercing connector, which eliminate short circuit events.

4. Tension clamp has trouble-proofed, which reduces the risk of damage because of wind movement and vibrations.

5. Tension clamp reduce electrical stress.

6. Conform to a minimal breaking failing load (MBFL) of cable, which should withhold to up 95% of the breaking load of it.

7. Strain clamps are made of

corrosion alloy អាលុយមីញ៉ូមធន់ទ្រាំរបស់រាងកាយ
Frost, hot and UV-rays resistant plastic
Galvanised steel thimble
Stainless steel bail

Analogs: DN-35 Rpi, DN-70 Rpi, DN-120 Rpi, SO255

Jera’s Medium voltage overhead line tension clamps had passed key test such us : uv temperature aging test, corrosion aging tests, ultimate tensile strength test.

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