Suspension Clamp D8

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ADSS suspension clamp D8 ji bo cable tester suspension dora fiber ADSS an drop cable wire di avakirina FTTX. ADSS suspension clamp D8 dielectric e û derve li ser rêyên bi angles <20, û temen kurt de ji bo 100 mm Bûrsayê dan.

Dielectric ADSS suspension clamp is very easy for installation, and it does not require additional tools. This type of ADSS clamp suspension us handily adjusted plastic loop allows simple installation on cross-arm or suspension brackets and lenger FTTH, as well.

Rakirina clamp D8 heye sleeves neoprene bo diameters cable 8-12 mm û 12-16 mm, ku piraniya sîstemęn populer ên kabloyên ADSS overhead covers. Piyê ne di wê de rêzgirtina baş bi cable û misogir bike mezaxê pêbawer û duration.


Technical specification:


Product codes

size Cable, mm


Loss, kg










Materyalên: thermoplastic li hemberî UV, PVC.

Analogs: DS8-12, DS8, DS8 / 12

ADSS suspension clamp and FTTH cable accessories are available either separately or together as assembly. Jera’s ADSS plastic suspension clamps have been tested and verified in order to satisfy the requirements of our customers.

We focus on the quality and complete range of ADSS cable clamps, which includes: ADSS tension clamp, cross-arms, tension and suspension brackets, termination boxes, fiber optic splice closures, and other fiber optic cable accessories.

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