• It’s all about the solution kit

    It’s all about the solution kit

    Jera has being marketing on the solutions, not only on single products.

  • Wide-ranging production facilities

    Wide-ranging production facilities

    Jera has diversified its production facility and study new technologies, to have competitive offer by scale advantage.

  • Great engineering rhythm of location

    Great engineering rhythm of location

    Jera’s location in developed production infrastructure has quick response to win R&D projects, accomplish adjustments.

  • Comprehensive service

    Comprehensive service

    We respect our clients and do our best job in it.

  • Low MOQ

    Low MOQ

    Our MOQ for new customers starts from some thousands of dollars

  • Win-win relationships

    Win-win relationships

    Winning relationships - that is for long-term business.

Jera Line Fitting Co., Ltd is a growing factory, which produces

- Fiber optic network PON components

- Electrical distribution cable accessories.

For fiber optic network and telecommunication applications we produce: Fiber optic FTTH cables. FTTH drop clamps. Fiber optic cable clamps and brackets. Fiber optic splice closures. Fiber optic termination boxes. Helical wire guy grips.

For electrical cable distribution applications, we produce OHL clamps and connectors for Low, Middle, and High voltage ABC cables, which used in electrical distribution systems with voltage from 0.4 KV to 35 KV.



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